E-commerce state of mind optimised for success


What Was Needed

Modetti Office Services (“MOS”) is a Singapore-based provider of business services, including business registration and incorporation, corporate secretary, PR and EntrePass application, mailing address, as well as accounting and tax filing among others.

MOS understood right from inception that it needs to venture beyond the domestic market and reach out to the regional and even international audience to grow the business in the direction that it wanted to. To achieve its objectives, e-commerce is the only answer. The only question left is which solutions partner with whom to entrust this mission.

What We Did

Through discovery sessions with MOS we understood that its customers tend to shop for and buy 1 basic service first, before deciding on further engagement at a later date. Hence, customer acquisition at the earliest instance - over sale value per order - becomes the overriding objective. From this perspective, the typical e-commerce checkout process would create unnecessary steps in the path-to-purchase and may actually reduce the sales conversion rate.

To ensure maximal probability for MOS to capture the customer and sale at the zero moment of truth, we implemented an express checkout process that allows customers to bypass the conventional “add to shopping cart” route and confirm their purchase directly on the product page itself. This express process halved the numbers of steps in the path-to-purchase.

The site’s searchability and exposure on search engines is critical to success at reaching an international audience, so we made sure that the e-commerce platform structure is SEO compliant and optimised, at the same time advised MOS on the relevant approaches to creating product content that will improve Google’s indexing of the product pages.


Through the e-commerce enablement and optimisation process we implemented, international customers now account for 60% of MOS’ total clientele. MOS’ e-commerce site also regularly ranks on first page of Google search results for targeted keywords of its products and services, generating a strong, constant stream of free organic traffic to the site.

"E-commerce has been amazing for our business; it is our sales manager, marketing manager and order processing executive all rolled into one, since the start. It is hard to imagine managing the growth of our business without e-commerce. We appreciate having Stridec as our valued partner to support us throughout this journey and moving forward."

Ken Chia

Managing Director, Modetti Office Services